Training that Matches Your Experience

Executive Flight Training

Executive Flight Training offers insurance approved, Cessna Citation Initial and recurrent training to professional pilots. We use an accelerated, thorough, and personalized training scenario based on your Citation experience to meet or exceed FAA and insurance requirements. Your system review is accomplished by Computer Based Training prior to your arrival. These self-paced training modules reinforces information that you have already learned and prepares you to successfully complete a written examination online. The goal to meet or exceed FAA and insurance requirements in a safe and timely manner. 

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Fly Safe Train Smart™

In-Aircraft Training or Simulator

Choose the right training combination. Our Fly Safe Train Smart™ concept combines a full-motion simulator with in-aircraft training using your Citation. This insurance approved training combination allows you to practice system failures, upsets, V1 cuts, failed instruments, and more in a realistic and safe environment.

Even though it’s a great teaching tool, simulators do not replicate the exact avionics suite in your airplane. Our in-flight training focuses on the intricacies of your modern avionics interfacing with your legacy airframe. In short, instrument approaches need to be done in your airplane with your avionics! We know that ground school is an important part of your overall training. We don’t overwhelm you with system details but we do emphasize information that will help you operate your Cessna Citation safely and efficiently. Advanced avionics operations are discussed. Evolving procedures including NexGen, RNPs, and TAAs are explained in detail as well.

We specialize in legacy Citations and many of them have been retrofitted with upgraded avionics. Integrating the old and new technology, we are helping you be a more informed, safer, Citation trained pilot.

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